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At King Solomon International Business School, we are deeply committed to ensuring our pupils receive a high-quality education while providing the opportunities and resources needed to develop each student as a well-rounded individual.

In addition to first-rate educational practices and learning frameworks that ensure our students develop the skills and qualities needed to thrive in their school career and beyond, we understand the need to nurture both the physical and emotional wellbeing of every child. Though we have worked tirelessly to mitigate the disruption experienced by pupils during the transitional period as we prepare to move into our new school building, we believe some adjustments to our existing outdoor provision are necessary. We therefore propose to create a peaceful garden area and equip our existing playground with new apparatuses to engage the children, stimulate their minds during break times, and channel their energy into productive means of physical and emotional development.

Our current playground provision is lacking in equipment or apparatus that would allow the children to participate in physically or mentally stimulating activities. While our pupils have the creativity and energy to create their own fun in the playground, we believe it is important to provide a range of activities that can be used to stimulate their physical, cognitive, and social abilities through play.

Many of our children are high-energy and need a productive outlet for this energy during break times. If not channeled appropriately outside of lessons, this energy can cause disruption to learning and prevent the children from being able to focus fully on their studies. Some physical play equipment would allow the children to let off steam between lessons, while developing their motor abilities and ensuring that they feel prepared to resume their work throughout the day.

We would also like to create a quiet, contemplative garden space where the children can sit to relax, socialise, and read. Some of our pupils have expressed their interest in an alternate space located separately from the bustle of the main playground area. There is also a real need for us to provide additional green space for the children to enjoy, as we are situated in an area that is somewhat limited in this regard.

An expanded playground provision will ensure our pupils have the opportunity to learn through play, bolstering their physical and motor skills and stimulating their cognitive development through creative and social play. Through turn-taking with the equipment, children will develop their understanding of sharing and other interpersonal skills such as working in a team and cooperation.

Additional physical equipment will also give our students an outlet for their energy and frustrations. This will have a positive impact on their emotional and mental wellbeing while ensuring that the children are able to focus and engage with their learning without disruption caused by excess energy left-over from break times.

Access to additional green space will also have a positive impact on the mood and behaviour of the children while ensuring pupils who would prefer to take their break in a quieter location have a safe, comfortable option for doing so. The garden will also be incorporated with the children’s learning, supporting such topics as biology and facilitating discussions about ecology, pollution, and the environment. The garden area will also be used as part of our ongoing community outreach efforts, as we will invite local businesses and members of our school community to help grow and tend to the garden.

Both the expanded selection of play area equipment and the contemplative garden space will support the development of our students with English as an Additional Language. By providing additional opportunities for our students to work and play together, take turns, and develop their communication skills we will ensure that all of our pupils gain the interpersonal skills that constitute the firm footing of all learning exercises. The garden area will also benefit pupils with Special Educational Needs by offering a quiet, contemplative space. Children who struggle with sensory information processing will find the garden area to be a relaxing, safe environment where the senses can be explored and understood.

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